February 04, 2006

Czech Railway

I often travel by train. As a student I have a large discount, so it is the most advantageous means of transport. Moreover, I can work on my notebook in the train. But I feel very awkwardly, when I meet some foreigners there.

The reason for it is that everything on the railway is old, dirty and ugly:
  • The trains are usually 30 and more years old and they look each time that this journey is their last one,
  • the seats are uncomfortable and dirty,
  • in the compartments you are afraid to touch anything because it looks like you'll get scabies after it,
  • the railway buildings are usually ruined and there are homeless people asking for money or lying on the floor,
  • the trains' highest speeds are under 130 kmph, the speed trains are not possible on the old Russian rails,
  • the employees of the railway (especially the conductors) are rude and discourteous, they usually can't speak any foreign language.
The foreigners are always very surprised when they see this situation. Our country isn't the richest, but our railway looks like from the most immature country in Africa. Why is it so? People in our country don't know - probably the biggest problem is that the Czech Railway hasn't been denationalized yet. There is a lot of uneffectivness, big loss and no money for the imrovements.


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