February 08, 2006

Freedom in the Czech Republic

Czech Republic is a very free country. I think far more free than the USA - my opinion is that in this country everybody talks about freedom, but the practice is different. In the Czech Republic:
  • You can smoke a joint almost everywhere you want. There is no strong repression against it, you don't have to be afraid that the cops will treat you like a criminal. Moreover, according to a research 50 % of Czechs have already tried marihuana in their lives. And I can say, based on my experience, that marihuana is very popular in our country. Even some very well-known people in Czech agree with it in public.
  • You can drink alcohol in teenage. Officialy, it is allowed from 18, but nobody cares. And so, we all have experience with alcohol since, say 15 - you can try it since the time when your parents let you go to a pub.
  • If you get drunk at 15, it is not a reason why the society should damn you. Most of the people know that it is a normal thing at this age. They rather laugh, they know you won't become an alcoholic because of it - they don't "solve it over".
  • We can drink Absinth, a very strong alcohol, which is forbidden in many countries.
  • We don't have any purists that dictate you what you should think and which scenes of a film can get to the TV or cinema.
  • We can wear any swimming trunks/swimsuit that we want. The "pants model" is not forbidden.
  • We can go to a balcony just in underwear. We can be sure that the neighbour won't call for police because we "endanger his children's morality".
  • Producers of microwave ovens in our country don't have to write to the instructions for the final user that cats shouldn't be dried in the oven. We all just know it, we are normal and we don't take them to the court for it.
These are some of the reasons why I like to live in the Czech Republic. We are not the richest country and not everything functions here as I would wish, but our country is free and there are no purists to persecute you.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nobody cares about drunken kids? I don´t think so, I think cops do. Rarely, but do.

7:23 AM  

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