February 06, 2006

Hunt for sales

I worked as a salesgirl in two big supermarkets to make some pocket money. I have been working there for more than 3 years (as a student there aren't many possibility how to earn some money). And I really hated Saturday mornings.

These days supermarkets offered discount for some goods (for your imagination a small example: a pound of chicken meat usual costs 129 crowns and with discount it's 109 crowns). Discounts are a standard way how to get more customers and it's normal all over the world. So why I hated these mornings?
  • The typical customer who buys goods in sale is pensioner. This is the only one and basic information.
  • These pensioners wake up very early. So they stand a half an hour before opening hour in front of the supermarkets.
  • We have many pensioners who wake up very early. So there is a huge queue in front of the entrance door to supermarket.
  • The pensioners queue there with their baskets, crates, bags and so on. And they're very nervous and restless when it's 8 o'clock and 1 minute and the entrace door is still closed.
  • They're are usually ill, they move very bad and slow. But after the entrance door in opened you see a big race. Everybody is going as fast as possible, somebody is running and many people shout and scream. It's really ridiculous to watch theese old people what they do to get cheaper meat.
  • They are more nervous and restless in the shop. I can say they're aggressive because they want their cheaper chicken.
  • These retirees buy everything what is in sale, even if they don't need it. But it's cheaper than usually so why not buy it.
  • It's a big hobby of Czech pensioners. They are capable to visit three or more supermarkets to get in one cheaper bread, in the next one cheaper apples and in the other one cheaper toothbrush.
  • The first topic between two pensioners is illness, the second sales in shops.
  • I had to serve these hunting retirees!
Do you see the reason why I hate theese mornings now? I hope so... :-)

There are many of normal pensioners in the Czech Republic but don't look for them at 8 o'clock in the morming in front of the supermarkets.


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