March 08, 2006

I love yoga

I started exercise yoga when I was 15 years old. I have never been interested in collective sports like aerobic. I always felt awkwardly after I found courage to enter aerobic lesson. I wasn't able to learn steps and configurations. Always I ended these lessons like knocked person. And that is verbatim, because another women could learn the stupid steps and I was able only to bump them and fell down. I felt realy embarrassed.

But then I discovered yoga. When I was on my firts lesson of yoga I was surprised how many differences are between two exercises:
  • on aerobic lesson you can find out only women, on yoga lesson you will see even men
  • on aerobic you see only younger women, on yoga you can meet all ages
  • on yoga doesn't metter what you wear, you can have an old T-shirt and nobody looks at you badly
  • you feel free
  • there are only simple positions which you learn after one lesson
  • you exercise not only your body but also your mind and concentration
  • you become more calm, relaxed and you rest from stress really deeply
  • yoga is great exercise for all your body and mind, stretchs all your muscle and support better holding your back
  • you can do yoga even you are very ill
  • all the people who attend regularly yoga lessons are more friendship, powerful, balanced and empathetic, they want to live, to help, to love and that's great...
  • there are many others reasons why to do yoga, but I don't remember them all :-) (you can write me them)
Yoga has changed my life, many my opinions and showed me another way how to be better person. I enjoy better each day and I am more healthy.

Write me what you think, even if you don't have the same opinion.


Blogger Mother Imperfecta said...

Hi Iva - I, too, love yoga - for many of he same reasons you list here. My husband and I are moving to the Liberec Region (near Frydlant) later this year. I'm wondering if you know of any yoga studios in that area, or how I might locate some? Many thanks. Lisa Baines

11:06 AM  

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